Modeling a Wooden Beach Chair

               Hi, Welcome to Blender Talkies, this is my first video tutorial for my blog. in this tutorial I explained how to model a wooden beach chair. I hope you like my tutorial. if you like my tutorial means post your comment about my tutorial.

Final Rendered Result:

wooden beach chair

In This Tutorial You will Learn:-
  • How to Create Object
  • How to Edit Objects
  • How to use Nurbs Curve.
[Note: In this Tutorial I Used Blender 2.56]

Watch Video Tutorial:


  1. nice one Mr. Annand i like it very much

  2. This beach chair is perfect for people who like to sunbathe on the beach. Chair design is very simple that many people who want this beach chair. But I also want a chair with a canopy, so I feel comfortable while sunbathing.

  3. Good job in designing that beach chair. That shape will be just perfect for hanging out in the beach and enjoying your martini.


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