Create a shortcut and associate blend file to blender in Ubuntu

Are you interested in blender 3d, plan to purchase a new PC, confused about which os to install which one is suitable for blender? my recommendation is Ubuntu(Linux) OS, both are free and open source. installing a software in Ubuntu OS is not simple for new user as compared to windows, most software available in Ubuntu software centre, but sometimes you don't get the latest software at this stage you need to download that manually or installing that using PPA. Here i going to tell how to manually download the package install that, then adding shortcut and finally associate the .blend file to blender.

  1. Download Linux version blender from
  2. Extract the file where you want and rename the extracted folder to blender_2.74 (in my case extracted in home/Downloads).

  3. Now create this code in any of your favourite text editor i used the gedit.
    [Desktop Entry]

  4. Replace the "Exec,TryExec, Icons" folder location to your location where you extracted the file.
  5. Save this file as "blender.desktop" in Home/.local/share/applications (if you are not able to see ".local" folder means press CTRL + H in home folder to unhidden the folder.)

  6. Go to the blender extracted folder and open the blender file.

  7. Now blender icon shows in the launcher, right click the icon and select lock to launcher.

  8. Exit the blender then check icon still showing in launcher, if shows you done it correctly.
  9. Next we need to associate the .blend file to open in blender.
  10. Open terminal type "sudo nautilus" and the type the password.

  11. Now go to "computer/user/share/applications/"
  12. Right click the defaults.list file select open with gedit.

  13. Add this line in the end " application/x-blender=blender.desktop ".

  14. Now you are done.