Add-ons Installer

Blender 2.60 Add-ons Installer

I  Created Installer for installing the Blender Add-ons. This Installer install the Add-ons in respective folder.

Features of this Installer:
  • User have choice to select the add-ons to Install.
  • Java Check For Suicidator City Generaor
  • Uninstall feature in Add/Remove Programs.
  • Complete removal of add-ons.
Latest Release V 0.6  (Beta):
[Release Date : 20/11/2011]

    Add-ons Included:

    3D View
    • Index Visualiser
    • Properties Menu
    • Suicidator City Generator 0.5.3 Free
    Add Curve
    • Tools For Curves
    • Motion Trial
    • Radius Grow
    Import - Export
    • Import Illustrator PDF, SVG
    • Arbitrary Rotate
    • Arch Tool
    • Bevel
    • Beam Builder
    • Chain Mail
    • Column
    • Edge Fillet
    • Edge Interaction Tool
    • Face Inset Fillet
    • Inset Extrude
    • Inset Outline
    • Lathe
    • Masonry
    • Solidify Wire Frame
    • TeaPot
    • TorusKnot 
    • Vertex Align
    • Vertex Slide
    • Laplace Lightning
    • Oscurart Rope Maker
    • Oscurart Tools
             Tool-Self Addon 
    • Object Icon 
    • Object Drop-down
    • Gyes (Random Material & Texture Generator)
    • Clay
    • Material Library
    • Theme Manager
    In future I try to add more add-ons to installer, any user or developer want add-ons to include in this Installer means Post here with proper link.

    This Project Discontinued

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